10 minute table runner


It’s time to start decorating for Fall, I can’t believe it is that late in the year all ready. Here in the rocky mountains the colors are changing and it is a very pretty time of year. Just like other parts of the great United States, each state has it’s own showing of colors and season changes. So anyway back to the task at hand, I wanted something to add a little color to my table top and found this great video that shows you how to make this table runner in about 10 minutes. (it took me a little longer because I am creatively challenged) but with such a quick decorating idea I thought I would give it a try. Now I can’t wait for the Christmas fabric to go on sale.

I couldn’t find any buttons I really liked the wood buttons were pretty pricey so I decided I would try making my own. I have a scroll saw so I found a pattern of a maple leaf on the internet and resized it, copied it then went to work and cut it out. I think they turned out pretty good and no one would know if I didn’t cut it out perfect or not, it is a leaf no two leaves are the same, perfect! my kind of craft…nothing exactly the same as the original.

Here is the great video tutorial on making this table runnertable-runner1