Camping Scrapbook Layout


How could I pass up doing a scrapbook layout with these two cute guys. It is not very often I get them to sit down for a minute to take their pic, and act like they are having fun doing it, but this time they did. Since this was a camping layout I wanted to use earthy elements so I took a tree branch and sliced it really really thin on my scroll saw then added some faux moss to finish the wildeners accent, and funny enough, the brown accents on the log pieces are where I burnt it while cutting it and I liked the look so didn’t sand it down.

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Father’s day card


Here is my Father’s Day card, it was a really fast card to make which is nice because I usually wait till the last minute. But this time I didn’t. I wanted something that was going to be easy and quick to put together but different than the cards shaped like a shirt, they are cute but I have used them quite a bit so I wanted something just a little different and this pattern was nice because I always give a gift card, never know what to get my dear ‘ol dad so gift cards are the answer, and I think/hope that works for him.

This pattern came from Holiday Crafts and they have a pattern you can use for the pocket and collar. Thanks Holiday Crafts, love your idea.

Mother’s day gift box


If you are planning on giving your mother a small little something, ( the best gifts come in small packages, right??) this gift box would be a great way to package it. It is a super easy project with a video and the free download cut file for your cutting machine, plus a template if you want to cut it out yourself.

This file was designed by Lauren over at the Thinking Closet there you can find the files and more directions. This is a really cute gift box. Take a look at how easy it is to make. 

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Cupcake holder and Gift


When I came across this project I knew I just had to share it. How adorable is this? Not only are you making an awesome card, when you open the oven door you find a tempting cupcake, all wrapped up in one project. This was created by Michele Kovack at “Thoughts of Cardmaking” and she give details and where to get the cut file. Actually the cut file is from the Silhouette store and it was selling for $.99 but you can probably use it on other cutting machines as well. She also has a link to the stickers. But even if you didn’t want to use the same stickers ( be creative) she has her directions on her site. I think I might try this for mother’s day.



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How to make a paper bow with template


I love anything paper, so when I found these paper bows and the templates to make them I had to share them, but first I have to thank How about Orange blog spot for their great instructions and especially for the SVG cut file for them. Check them out and download the cut file, in different formats.

Here are some more favorite bows:


This is a bow made from pages from an old book by “Pinky” part of the design team for Helmar USA, they have a video tutorial as well as printed instructions and the final product was used on a scrapbook page layout. Really cute and again, thanks, Pinky.

Ready for another favorite paper bow?  Here it is:


This is a really cute paper flower and unfortunately the instructions are in Chinese and the link is to the site is broken, but they look simple enough to figure out on your own. Just cut the strips of paper in your size choice and compile them one at a time then cover the center with a button or other embellishment. Too cute to pass up.

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