Jewelry and Bead craft storage


Beaders and Jewelry crafters are a unique group of designers. They are artistic and creative and enjoy what they do. To create jewelry or bead designs take talent and I enjoy the many pieces that I have bought over the years and have had my beading friends create for me, but the biggest complaint they have is “how do I store all the beads and tools I have collected”. From simple storage containers

beads storage1

to more elaborate

bead storage3

and everything in between


you need to decide what works best for you. How much space do you have to work with and of course how much are you willing to invest in a bead storage system. And I say invest because that is what you are doing, you are investing in your art work so I tend to tell my friends, get something that will last and will help you do your “job” easily. Here are some pics of other beaders and how they have set up their bead supply storage.


They chose the Best Craft Cabinets for their bead storage and they all say they just love the cabinets and feel much more organized.

I would love to answer any of your storage questions, with our products or others, feel free to contact us

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American Flag wood craft


I love this piece! it was done by my daughter in law and the wood was from The Wood Connections. It is cut from 2″ thick wood and the lines between the stripes are from a router which adds a great texture element to the stripes. This was a simple project, it was just painted with a wash in barn red and navy blue. Originally it was for the 4th of July but we all liked it so much, it will be a part of our decor.  I am thinking about doing a couple more as gifts. Hope I can find more of the wood since this was done for the 4th.

Camping Scrapbook Layout


How could I pass up doing a scrapbook layout with these two cute guys. It is not very often I get them to sit down for a minute to take their pic, and act like they are having fun doing it, but this time they did. Since this was a camping layout I wanted to use earthy elements so I took a tree branch and sliced it really really thin on my scroll saw then added some faux moss to finish the wildeners accent, and funny enough, the brown accents on the log pieces are where I burnt it while cutting it and I liked the look so didn’t sand it down.

Check out more layout ideas and summer projects at Chandler Creations craft storage

Father’s day card


Here is my Father’s Day card, it was a really fast card to make which is nice because I usually wait till the last minute. But this time I didn’t. I wanted something that was going to be easy and quick to put together but different than the cards shaped like a shirt, they are cute but I have used them quite a bit so I wanted something just a little different and this pattern was nice because I always give a gift card, never know what to get my dear ‘ol dad so gift cards are the answer, and I think/hope that works for him.

This pattern came from Holiday Crafts and they have a pattern you can use for the pocket and collar. Thanks Holiday Crafts, love your idea.

How to wrap text around a shape



This is such a great technique and Creative Keepsakes has provided the instruction on how to wrap words around a shape using Photo Shop. There are instructions using Microsoft Word at Chandler Creations craft storage tips and projects page, just scroll down almost to the bottom of their tip page.

Get creative on your scrapbook pages and cards.