Kaiser Craft storage kits

We are excited about the Kaiser Craft, Beyond the Page, storage kits. These are so fun to do because you use your own papers, and who doesn’t have a ton of paper, and your own embellishments to make your storage kit match your style. And after awhile if you want a change it is easy to change your kits. They are easy to do as well. For the Wall Planner I just used modge podge and glued all my papers down then sanded the edges just a bit to smooth it out, then added some embellisments, some ribbon, buttons and a flower that is an svg cut file. It was all pretty easy as are all the kits. Check out Chandler Creations for more kits and ideas on how to decorate them.



Kids and Crafts, Summer is a great time to work on craft projects, inside or outside. Gather the kids around and paint rocks, you will be surprised how fun the kids will have, especially the little kids. Give them a paint brush and something to slather all that paint on and they will be entertained for hours and it only costs the price of some inexpensive paint. But the best part is they get to spend time with you creating and having fun using their imagination. Just think about all the things that rock can become, a turtle, a race car or just a really pretty painted rock. Grab your kids and get started.


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