Free Dazzle Caddy Giveaway



We are giving away a FREE DAZZLE CADDY on April 15,  all you need to do is LIKE us on Facebook  and leave a comment on what project you are working on right now, that’s it, easy, and maybe you will be the lucky winner! You can even upload a pic of your favorite craft space, or project, we would love to see them. Good Luck

At Chandler Creations craft storage we love all types of crafts, scrapbooking, cards, rubber stamps, jewelry making, home decor, anything crafty and would love to see what you are working on. Just keep us in mind when you need a special piece of craft furniture to fit your craft needs.

Hope to see you over on Facebook.


(inks and stickles not included in giveaway)




5 thoughts on “Free Dazzle Caddy Giveaway

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  2. It appears there is absolutely no company that wants to include people who do not use social media. If we can’t “like” you, you want no part of us. Such a shame.

    • As a company we love to include everyone, honest, but it all comes down to staying in business and that means advertising. Social media is now the way on-line stores advertise. I will be happy to add you to the drawing. We care about the crafting community!

  3. These are such a great idea! I am spring cleaning and i would use this for traveling. I refill my empty bottles with gesso and various acrylic paints so I can take small quantities with me.

  4. At present I am working on some polymer clay beads highlighted with a variety of ingredients. Will I be astounded by the results = we’ll just have to wait and see.

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