Bead Storage


Craft storage is all about multi purposing. I don’t know any crafter that doesn’t dabble a little bit in all types of crafts, at least once in awhile. So I thought I would share the great functionality of our craft drawers and cabinets at Chandler Creations and the many crafts that can utilize our craft storage furniture. The above pic is for the beader, These drawers will hold 33 of the 1.4 oz Glass Seed Bead containers, with a little room to spare. Plus unlimited open bead storage using our drawer inserts.


So now for the sewing and quilting enthusiast. We have drawers for you too. Check out the inserts for thread! Wouldn’t it be nice to go to one organized place to find all your thread neatly organized? With or without the inserts, there is plenty of room for storing sewing supplies. How about Fat Quarter storage? (I’m not  a quilter so wonder why they call them fat quarters…hummm) You can open your drawer and see at a glance the beautiful colors of fabric you have available. Plus the cabinets are on wheels so you can just roll the whole thing to your work space or sewing machine table.

Image                ImageImage



The last but certainly not all of the drawers and inserts are the ribbon storage inserts. R you crazy about ribbon but not so much the tangled mess it can become? Here is a solution for your smaller ribbon spools. 


These are just a few uses, other than scrapbooking, for our great scrapbook furniture.

Other ideas:


doll clothes


office paper work

socks and hosiery


computer games and software

and the list goes on and on and on and………

Chandler Creations Craft Storage





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