Decorative wood letters


I love crafts of all types, not just scrapbooking, so I made these family wood letters. I did make they awhile ago but it was a fun project and a great project for Super Saturday, that is a day our church group gets together, usually in the fall, and does lots of fun crafts. Christmas idea crafts and other things. So this is what I made last year. It was pretty easy to put it all together but did take some prep time because you need photos of your family. I picked out the photos I wanted to use and just copied them onto  computer paper in black and white. Using the computer paper made them a little more transparent once they were modge podged onto the wood. Then it was easy after that. I just cut the photos to match the wood letter shape and modged them on. I used lots of my left over embellishments I had so the expense was minimal. I also use my Cricut to cut out some of the paper flowers. I used Brad Buddies for some of the accents as well. Then ribbon and buttons, and you are good to go. This was fun and it would be an inexpensive gift, and isn’t that what we really like? Gifts from the heart that don’t cost much.


I have a few more additional pics here Chandler Creations


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