Ideas on how to store all that scrapbook paper

One of the most frequent questions we get at Chandler Creations Scrapbooking is “How do I store all my scrapbook paper”, so I thought I would offer some suggestions for paper storage, from almost free to more of an investment type storage. The first thing to do is decide if you want open paper storage or more of a hidden paper storage, I personally like my paper where I can see it and have an idea of what I have. The first suggestion is from the Free Category. I like this idea because it is free but also because you can decorate it any way you want.  These 12×12 paper storage boxes are made from recycled USPS boxes. Here is the link to see how they are done.  She has some cute decorating ideas. Some of the USPS boxes are slightly smaller so just note which size you are getting if you want it for your 12×12 scrapbook paper. The Pros to this holder is it is free and you can decorate it anyway you like. The Cons, it is just cardboard so may not last a really long time.

USPS paper storage box

The next idea is more of a closed storage idea, by using the Art Bin Essentials paper storage boxes you can stack them with closed lids and store them in a closet or under a desk. They keep the paper nice and flat and clean. They run around $6.00 and can be found lots of places on the web, but here is one link for you Art Fire .   

art bin essentialsThe Pros – is fairly inexpensive and stacks well. The Cons– You need to dump the paper out to see what you have, and you will probably need a lot of them.

Now we will get just a little larger and of course a little more money. This system is the Jet Max Recollections series of storage options. Very nice and it is modular so you can just get a few pieces at a time.  The Pros it will give you lots of storage space and looks nice the Cons some reviews say it chips quite easily. Take a look at Paisley Scraps craft room – NICE   

With the Jet Max system you can add other craft storage containers as well as paper


I am sure most are familiar with the wire rack paper storage

paper storage trayThis is another open type scrapbook paper organizer and runs about $60 Pros: Easy to assemble and keeps paper neat, Cons: Aren’t really any cons if you like the open look for your paper. Can get pricy if you want multiple units.

Now to the high end of scrapbook paper storage furniture, these cabinets are high quality, where the saying goes, “you get what you pay for” is truly accurate. The Best Craft Organizer line of cabinets are high quality and very versatile. They are considered actual furniture pieces. Here is the Double Mini cabinet, which can be used for paper storage, or craft embellishments, and the best part of these cabinets is you can mix and match any drawer or paper tray configuration that fits your needs.  Scrapbook storage CabinetYou can add larger drawers or smaller drawers or just use paper trays. Pros:  Large and able to store lots of craft supplies besides paper, quality furniture pieces. Cons: Pricy, but when on sale, very affordable for the quality.

So I have shared a few ways to get your scrapbook paper organized and I would love to hear your comments and your storage suggestions.

Check back for more tips…


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