Scrapbook Paper Storage

Image paper storage3paper storage2

I have to admit, I am a scrapbook paper junky, I love all kinds of paper, colors, prints, fancy, decorative, designer, all of it and my philosophy is you can never have enough paper….but, what to do with all that paper. I also admit, that I forget what I have, not a good thing. I thought I would share some of the storage solutions I have found and the ones I use. BHG magazine came out with some good storage options, see above, but they are won’t do for large amounts of paper. This is my favorite storage from Chandler Creations  I have 2 of these set up in my office. I have each drawer labeled with the color for the drawer, the plain card stock is in the open paper trays. I also put my embellishments in some of the drawers and it is very organized. UNTIL I start working on a project and I am a very messing crafter. How about you? Tell me what type of crafter are you??



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