12 x 12 scrapbook paper storage


At Chandler Creations we are ask all the time if our drawers, which measure 12 7/8″ X 11 7/8″ will hold 12″X12″ paper and the answer is yes! I know it sounds odd by those measurements, but they actually hold it perfectly. I have added some pics to show how the scrapbook paper fits into the craft cabinet drawers. On the 11 7/8″ side the paper fits right to the edge, but does not curl and on the long end there is about an inch to grab the paper. We also have the open paper storage that was made just for 12″x12″ paper storage so it comes to your preference, do you want open stock paper or in drawers. I actually like both, I like to keep my cardstock open and my pattern patter in the drawers, which I have labeled. When I scrapbook or craft I like to take my whole drawer out to my work space and just “dump” it out and go through each piece to decide what craft paper I will be using.

I really like to buy paper when I go to the craft stores but I forget what I have, sound familiar? I hope I am not the only one that does that. SO I like to go through them as I am crafting.

Some of our customers have sent us pics of their craft rooms, come on over and take a look, there are some pretty awesome scrapbook room set ups, and I have to give credit to the hubbies of these ladies, most of them have said their DH built parts of their set ups, so come take a look  Scrapbook Rooms we will be adding more soon.

paper2 paper3 paper4


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